While my work load is usually quite busy, i'm always happy to hear from anyone looking at commissioning a piece of art. 
If you want to get a commission from me there are a few things you should know.
I’m lucky enough to be employed full time in a job that keeps me fairly busy, so I’m not the fastest at getting commissions done. I take an average of 2 weeks to get stuff done, so bear that in mind.
Cost entirely depends on how many subjects are in the drawing, backgrounds, full colour, etc… So please get in touch for a more accurate figure.
However, a rough estimate is £45 for a colour head and shoulders shot, £80 for full body and light background work, £160 for 2 figures and so on…
As a guide for isometric buildings/interiors, prices work out at around £70 per room for interior shots and £120 for exteriors.
Final Artwork.
I’m one of those tricksters that draws digitally, so all artwork I provide to you will be full of 1’s and 0’s and at your mercy to print. If you are wanting a physical print signed by me this will incur an extra charge and take a little longer. 
Still wanting something drawn by me?
Examples of my work